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If you are unable to visit the vital records office that issued your original birth certificate, follow these steps to apply for a birth certificate online. At VitalChek , we take your personal identity very seriously. Knowing how to apply for a birth certificate online is extremely helpful to those individuals who have moved away or may not have the time to get out to the vital records office! Hello Sarah.

In general, the quickest and least expensive way to obtain a copy of a birth certificate is to go in person to the vital record agency that issued the certificate originally.

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Hola, Martha. I am My last name changed when i married. I received an email from you stating you needed to talk to me because of discrepancy with name. Not sure how to get this info to you. One recorded message says to try again later because you are open 24 hours. The other number says to stay on the line and that you are open Hello Dawn. We apologize for the long hold time. If you still require assistance, please contact us with your order number.

The quickest way to reach us is through private message at Facebook. You can also call or email vitals. My niece was born in He was staying with his mother for his childhood. He only can to us few years at this problem. So what can wr do as a family to help him? He is 35 yrs of age now not educated ,no birth cerficate only a hand written one that was done non time ago.

No identity document. I hope my request will be taken into consideration. Mrs P Mani. If you submitted multiple applications for a marriage or death certificate, all applications will be processed. As there is no restriction on the number of marriage or death certificates a person may apply for, processing has occurred and you are not eligible for a refund.

I applied for one certificate but I was billed for two - will I get a refund? If you did not submit multiple applications, whether by mail, in person or online, and you have been charged more than once, you may submit a Request for Refund form for evaluation. What is a Premium Online Service? Where rush service is required for a birth, death, or marriage certificate, customers may be able to apply for the Premium Online Service option.

Eligible applications see Terms and Conditions are processed and delivered within 5 business days. Can I review my completed online application before I submit it online? There are a number of opportunities to review sections but you cannot see all of the information at once. The Office of the Registrar General does not provide a method by which you may review your application online. Upon successful submission of your online application, you will be presented with a payment receipt.

The payment receipt includes information about the products you selected, and your order and payment confirmation numbers. The Office of the Registrar General recommends that you print the payment receipt for your records. Is my information sent online? Can I electronically save the application I send online?

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  4. There is no method by which you may save your application electronically. We recommend that you print the payment receipt for your records. If I use the printed application, is my information sent online? No, the information you enter into this form will not be captured or sent electronically.

    Birth Certificates/Registrations

    Can I electronically save the printed application? No, the information you enter into this form cannot be saved electronically. If I enter my credit card information on the printed application, will it be charged online? No, your credit card will not be charged online. The Office of the Registrar General will charge your credit card only when the application is received. Can I send my printed application by email?

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    7. You cannot send an application by email. A birth certificate is a legal document used to provide an identity. The birth must be registered before a birth certificate can be issued. There are three types of birth products available. Make sure you order the right certificate! A Birth Certificate is an extract of information from the original birth registration and contains the following information:.

      A Birth Certificate contains personal information of the subject only , and is recommended for those over the age of 16 and can be used to obtain other government documentation, such as:. A Birth Certificate with Parental Information is an extract of information from the original birth registration and contains the following information:.

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      This certificate includes parental information, in addition to the subject's information and is recommended for newborns or children under 16 years of age where parental information is required and can be used for the same identification purposes as a birth certificate with only subject information. A Certified Copy of the Birth Registration contains the following information:.

      A certified copy of the detailed registration filed after birth, also known as the Statement of Live Birth, contains all registered information about a birth. The copy is endorsed as authentic, printed on legal sized paper, and contains a raised seal for security and verification purposes.

      As a historical record of the birth, a certified copy contains any changes that have been made to the birth registration including any name changes and corrections to information contained on the birth registration. The certified copy of a birth registration can be used for identification purposes requiring more detailed information such as for:. Safeguarding your personal and sensitive information is important.

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      Given the amount of information contained in a Certified Copy of a Birth Registration it is not recommended to share this document unless expressly required. I am an adoptee or adoptive parent. What information do I need to provide?


      When completing the application, provide the adoptive parents names and the current legal name of the adoptee. Can a family member or relative be a guarantor? Yes, provided that he or she is a Canadian citizen, has known you for two or more years and his or her occupation appears on the list of qualified guarantors. You must provide:. Who is entitled to apply for a marriage certificate? There are restrictions on who may apply for a marriage certificate.

      The parties to the marriage, children of the marriage, parents of the parties to the marriage and legally authorized representatives acting on behalf of these individuals are entitled to apply. Authorized representatives are required to provide proof of authorization.

      Apply for a Birth Certificate | Government of Prince Edward Island

      Who is entitled to apply for a certified copy of marriage registration? The parties to the marriage, and a legally authorized representative acting on behalf of either party to the marriage are entitled to apply. Brides and Grooms are referred to as the Parties to the marriage. Who is entitled to apply for a marriage certificate if one or both of the parties to the marriage is deceased?

      The surviving party and Next of Kin - the parents of either party, children of the marriage and siblings of either party. Send your completed application, supporting documents and payment by mail or fax. Vital Statistics.